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Thoughtful portrayals of extensive variety developed from natural images.  These Organic abstractions, layers of paint and color,   depict the hypnotic and fleeting display of imagery created by water.


Mr. Harris isolates and exaggerates forms, colors and sequences found in nature.  His large scale, realist paintings take one to two months to complete, as he meticulously works to recreate various environmental complexities from photographs memory and artistic expression.  The process begins with mapping out large shapes of color on canvas then details are added.  When the paint dries more paint and glazes are added.  The repetition of this careful glazing technique results in the dramatization of translucent layers - a visual effect that is conceptually harmonious with its subject: water.


Harris is most interested in exploring water’s physical properties - reflection, turbidity, rhythm, pattern, that make up its unique viewing experience.  He addresses these issues by isolating a moment in time in various bodies of water, painting from a birds eye view.  The result is a series of peaceful and hypnotic paintings, in which water is disguised as tree canopies and the skies above.







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